The Rohingya


The Rohingya refugee camps are located in Delhi, India. We distribute bibles, partner with new christian leaders, build homes, provide water, and help educate the Rohingya.

How we are helping

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House Construction

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About the Rohingya
in North India

Rohingya refugees have fled targeted violence in Myanmar, the predominantly Buddhist country (formerly known as Burma) where they have long been denied citizenship or official government recognition.

"Why do they come to India and why do they come to the chaos of the capital, New Delhi?" is a question that I have asked many times to refugees who have made their home in New Delhi, the capital of India.  

Surprisingly, all of them have the same answer, the answer is: "opportunity!" The capital provides them with both opportunities to earn, opportunities to start a new life, but also opportunities for security.

Because there are so many of them, if they were to live in one of the villages, they fear they would be singled out, identified and deported. As a result, New Delhi becomes their home.

But the same capital that offers opportunities, has many threats and dark evils. Integration, poverty and persecution issues continues for the Rohingya.

They live in slums and refugee camps constantly under fear of weather destroying their homes or extremists who target them. The conditions are very bad with lack of sanitation and clean drinking water an issue.

They need us to help them practically and empower them to become leaders amongst their people and lead themselves to a better future.

Rohingya people
Rohingya grateful for a solar light

An estimated half million Rohingya have left Myanmar to move to Pakistan, most from a former exodus back in the 1960s and ’70s.

Local boys at a well


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