Christmas Giving Opportunity

Kashmir Crisis


We are reaching out to the global church to bless these 40 families each in need of $200 for food and daily medical supplies.

Kashmiri believer families are struggling right now in need of food and medical supplies and cannot find any work.

Persecuted believers are ostracized from their extended families, and the Muslim community extends an economic boycott in hope of pressurizing the "unbelievers" (their former Muslim brothers and sisters) back to the Islamic faith.

The Kashmir Valley had been plunged into darkness since again, without basic internet facility for more than 120 days and an added 120,000 Indian Army troops being deployed to "maintain order" or for Kashmiris, to crush their freedom of normal life and all forms of economic benefit from local jobs, farming, apple crops and saffron which are two of their main crops this time of year.

Will you help one or more of these 40 families with $200?




Giving by Check


Make your check out to:
Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Project Funding,
PO Box 57100, Vancouver, B.C., V5K 5G6 Canada

Make your check payable to YWAM and include a note for “Greg Watt—Echoes of Yousuf”

Giving by Check


Ms. Christina Heidi Watt
17 Veilchenstr. 8032 Zurich
UBS Sparkonto CHF
Konto-Nr. 251- 8l9725.M1L
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Giving by Check


Youth with a Mission (YWAM),
PO Box 61700,
Honolulu, HI 96839

Make your check payable to YWAM and include a note for “Greg Watt Ministry”