Christmas Giving Opportunity

Business: Holy Cow


Would you help us empower local leaders and believers towards sustainable living as they milk and make disciples this Christmas?

We want to empower 25 Jesus followers from Muslim families who teach in our schools called Alternative Madrassas, making disciples.

We want each of them to be empowered with a sustainable livelihood as they fulfill God's plan for their life.

The way we can do this is to help each of the 19 teachers and 6 Kashmiri leaders who are all from rural India contexts and know diary work at the micro level (owning 1-3 cows and or buffalo) obtain the necessary capital as a loan over five years to purchase cows and buffalo. Right now we have 10 schools in three States in India with 732 students from Muslim families who are all being taught to follow Jesus by our Muslim background teachers.

When each of the 25 recipients receive one cow or buffalo, their income increases by 30-50% through milk sales and you have helped create a sustainable and reproducible model to make disciples in a marketplace Muslim education context.

It costs $850 to buy one Holy Cow for each Jesus follower. That's $2.33 a day! $850 grows to become $5500 over the next five years in income for each teacher! The repaid loads will be used to purchase more Hoy Cows for other leaders.




Giving by Check


Make your check out to:
Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Project Funding,
PO Box 57100, Vancouver, B.C., V5K 5G6 Canada

Make your check payable to YWAM and include a note for “Greg Watt—Echoes of Yousuf”

Giving by Check


Ms. Christina Heidi Watt
17 Veilchenstr. 8032 Zurich
UBS Sparkonto CHF
Konto-Nr. 251- 8l9725.M1L
Kunden-Nr. 251-819725IBAN  CH86 0025 1251 8197 25M1L

Giving by Check


Youth with a Mission (YWAM),
PO Box 61700,
Honolulu, HI 96839

Make your check payable to YWAM and include a note for “Greg Watt Ministry”