Christmas Giving Opportunity

Educational Fund


Help us establish an Education Fund that will help the leaders of the emerging Muslim background church, educate their children to study and learn without fear.

Children are possibly the greatest concern that the believers and leaders have!

They know that as they follow Jesus not only them, but their parents and children will be threatened and even harmed by radical Muslims who want to put an end to swhat has started. Children are vulnerable and the greatest concern for the parents is their children’s education and future.

Muslim background believers desire that their children can learn and develop in a safe environment where they can study and worship without fear. This is their prayer and one of our greatest challenges in discipleship in knowing how to guide and direct them with wisdom and practical help so that the children can study and learn in good schools that give opportunity for education and learning.

Currently we have a need for 14 families with 25 amazing children who have so much potential but whose parents are not able to afford all the school and admission fees required outside of a government school which hasn’t been very successful in producing excellence in education.

$60 a month for each child will radically change their lives and relieve them of their greatest burden that they have shared with us over these past months, their children's future.

The senior Muslim background believers (MBB) will testify that physical persecution is hard, but seeing their children go without good education in a safe and persecution free environment, is the hardest mental and painful persecution they go through, knowing that following Jesus hurts their children’s future opportunities and well being, knowing that when marriage age comes, their education and conversion status affects so many areas of life into the third generation.

Will you help us establish an education fund for these MBB children?




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Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Project Funding,
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Make your check payable to YWAM and include a note for “Greg Watt—Echoes of Yousuf”

Giving by Check


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Giving by Check


Youth with a Mission (YWAM),
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Make your check payable to YWAM and include a note for “Greg Watt Ministry”